Tampere, Finland 26.09.2018

Seminar presentation: Introducing the results of remote health care program for rehabilitation patient group / Seminar talk by Emtele and Tytti Artkoski, PhD of Social Work and psychotherapeutic.

The seminar was for audience of 70 public sector health care specialists at SOTE NAVI – event held in Tampere University of Applied Sciences Health department. We focused on the achieved results on project tackling a group of rehabilitation patients who were using several health care services with frequent visit cycles. Emtele and the Nokia city hospital brought good practices together and developed a program for involving patients and bringing availability and quality of health care services for rehabilitation patients.

Emtele was glad to present the benefits and the treatment model for specialist wrapping up the program brought to the patients and the health care unit.

Thank you Merja Sinkkonen for inviting us to talk again!