Kristiina Aatsinki to step into new management position at 2N

Kristiina Aatsinki has joined 2N Finland as a Head of Communications and Customer Experience. Aatsinki has worked in international business for a number of years. At 2N, she will focus on managing the service design for deploying telehealth solutions and a successful customer experience. Aatsinki commenced her new role on 1 May. 

Aatsinki has experience of working in the health sector working as COO (Japan) for a startup Layette Oy, a provider of a pregnancy mobile application based on the Finnish maternity and childcare clinic system. She also is the co-founder and CEO of Partones Oy which manufacturers new sustainable materials for musical instrument making. 

On joining 2N team Aatsinki said: ”I’m really excited to become a member of 2N team. It is a very interesting time for remote care and telehealth in terms of need, new solutions and services. The current situation of COVID-19 has made it very clear to all of us that the health service providers must be able to support their patients in changing circumstances. 2N has a very compatible and effective solution for remote monitoring and diagnostics in conditions that require regular, longterm treatment. Our goal is to reduce hospitalisation, ease the workload of health professionals as well as bring confidence to patients to take more active role in their own well-being.” 

Aatsinki’s people-centred approach, and knowledge and understanding of telehealth and customer needs, will be significant to the 2N organisation as we look to implement initiatives outlined within our growth plan. She is passionate about people as well as getting to the bottom of big and small questions alike.