Innovation-driven responses to the COVID-19 crisis webinar

The Royal Danish Embassy in Japan and Healthcare DENMARK will be hosting a free webinar “Innovation-driven responses to the COVID-19 crisis – How Danish Industry has responded to fight the COVID-19 Pandemic” on Tuesday the 29th September at 4pm JST. Hanna Ekman from 2N Group will be giving a speech on “TeleHealth – Improving the high quality of Japanese healthcare“.

The world face an unprecedented crisis in the COVID-19 pandemic and Denmark has not
been spared. On February 27 the virus was confirmed to have spread to Denmark,
followed by a countrywide lockdown from March 13 to April 15.

It is a race against time to keep the outbreak under control and ensure sufficient
healthcare capacity to handle the excess number of COVID-19 patients. For some
countries, where the healthcare system is already under extreme pressure, a race to
increase capacity immediately, and for other countries, a race to plan ahead and ensure
capacity, according to forecasts.

In this critical situation, public healthcare authorities, companies large and small and
universities stand united to combine all resources to step up capacity to handle the crisis.
Sometimes a crisis can serve as a catalyst to innovation and in this webinar we will
highlight and showcase some examples of medical innovation coming out of the

Healthcare Denmark, a public-private partnership organization, will provide an overview of
how the triple helix turned to innovation to create new solutions and leverage existing
technologies to combat the pandemic.

In addition, we will hear from three companies who have leveraged their existing
technologies to fight COVID-19.


16:00 Welcome and Opening – Mr. Joakim Steen Barron-Mikkelsen, Senior Executive
Officer for Strategic Partnership, The Royal Danish Embassy in Japan
16:05 “The Global Pandemic as a catalyst for Innovation” – Mr. Hans Erik Henriksen HCD
16:20 “Fast-track development of Sars-Cov-2 subunit vaccine: ExpreS2ion
Biotechnologies and AdaptVac” – Mr. Bent U. Frandsen, CEO ExpreS2ion
16:35 “Mapping T cell epitopes in Sars-CoV2 for the purpose of vaccine development and
study of patients immune response to infection”, Dr. Stephan Thorgrimsen, CEO
16:50 “TeleHealth – Improving the high quality of Japanese healthcare” – Ms. Hanna
Ekman, CEO 2N Group
17:05 “Mobilizing the Danish Healthcare Data in the fight against COVID-19, role of Big
Data and Biobanks” – Dr. Rasmus Beedholm-Ebsen, Senior Advisor Invest in
17:20 Discussion and Closing – Mr. Joakim Steen Barron-Mikkelsen et. Al.

Read more about the speakers here