Chikako Suzuki to start new communications position at 2N

Chikako Suzuki has joined 2N Finland as a Communications manager based in Tokyo. Suzuki has worked as a freelance interpreter mainly for Finnish companies entering the Japanese market since 2016.

Apart from her interpreting work in business area, Suzuki has worked as an organizer of art event since 2017 to make a cultural exchange project between Finland and Japan for Lahti Poetry Marathon (Lahden Runomaraton).

On joining 2N Suzuki says, “Finland is such an inspiring country both in its business and cultural aspects in our time. Since I got involved to the relation with this beautiful and innovative country, it has never got me bored but kept me excited about something new and very humanistic. 2N’s telehealth platform will surely bring the world a new solution with this innovative Finnish mind and humanistic spirit. Science without humanity would never bring us a true goal. I wish to contribute 2N team as a communication expert aiming to reach the set goal with 2N team and the people who we are going to meet through this new project.”

Suzuki’s communication skills, which have polished and cultivated through business and art projects between Finland and Japan, will be significant to 2N telehealth solution to open up more active communications between the two countries. She is passionate about finding a trace of goodness on the track to the future in any life scale.