About us

2N Group is a Scandinavian telehealth provider with years of experience from the field of remote monitoring, diagnostics and support for the patients.

As the latest addition to our telehealth services 2N Group and Kameda IT have established a joint venture for Japanese market in 2020. TeleHealth Japan K.K. shall combine universal telehealth tools and adjust them for local needs in Japan.

Hanna Ekman
CEO of 2N Group

“Together with healthcare professionals we are reinventing the ways to treat patients. Telehealth will bring healthcare available for all of us”, Hanna Ekman, Director of TeleHealth Japan K.K. and CEO of 2N Group.

2N Group, a leading telehealth service provider, is located in Nordic countries while Kameda IT has an extensive experience of Japanese healthcare.

“We shall concentrate on service which will benefit our customers, like hospitals and doctors. Therefore, TeleHealth Japan K.K. shall provide our customers with telehealth platforms as well as full training, support and best practices as a default.”

Satoshi Tsukada
Director of TeleHealth Japan K.K.

“Kameda group has always focused on best available solutions and modern technologies to continuously improve the high quality of Japanese healthcare”, Satoshi Tsukada, Director of TeleHealth Japan K.K. and Director of Kameda Healthcare Informatics.

Kameda group have made cooperation with international partners for years. The combination of knowhow of Japanese healthcare environment and selected solutions and technologies will ensure correct localization for customers’ needs in Japan.

“Nordic countries have concentrated on telehealth for some time now and together with our partner 2N Group, we shall offer adjusted best telehealth practices and solutions for Japanese market.”