2n Group Building a Telehealth Service Concept on Customer Value

The new concept focuses on adding customer satisfaction and efficiency to healthcare providers’ service.

2N Group is working on creation of a new service concept for telehealth together with experts from Sitomo and Gofore. Having its roots in Finnish and Danish telehealth expertise, 2N Group has recently establish a Japanese joint venture, TeleHealth Japan K.K., with its awarded local medical and IT partner, Kameda Group.

“Sitomo and Gofore were elected to this journey with us as they are leading Finnish designers in change management and business design with a vision of building strong and resilient organizations”, emphasized Kristiina Aatsinki, Head of Communications and Customer Experience at 2N Group.

In the project, 2N Group is aiming to achieve the most optimal and scalable TeleHealth service concept for its target markets. “We need to understand the local needs, status of digital transformation and our customers’ objectives in order to create expected impact. Telehealth solutions and services are only as effective as they are designed and accepted to be”, Hanna Ekman, CEO of 2N Group, said.

2N is at the stage of entering new markets with a scalable and easily accessible telehealth solution for healthcare providers, caregivers and patients as well as other parties in health care sector who could benefit of regularly and cost-efficiently collected health data. One of the main and most interesting markets for 2N is Japan. In Japan the service will be provided through TeleHealth Japan K.K..

  “Telehealth in Japan has been preceded in specialised fields of medicine and the availability of direct service for patients is very limited. In collaboration with Nordic proven solution in this area, we will realize that telehealth goes beyond the existing framework of telemedicine.”, said Satoshi Tsukada, the representative director of TeleHealth Japan K.K.

TeleHealth Japan and 2N Group work closely with Business Finland as well as the Embassy of Denmark in Japan in order to understand the local needs and also to engage and to apply the best practices of the Nordics.

“Nordics are the hotspot for digitalization. The healthcare sector in Finland is actively searching for new solutions for more efficient tools for solving the mutual challenges all around the world. We are proud to introduce high quality services from the North tailored for the needs of Japanese society”, Pekka Laitinen said. Mr. Laitinen is the Commercial Counselor of Business Finland in Japan.

Senior Commercial Officer Peter Takizawa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark in Japan has worked in the Japanese health care and life science sector for many years. This recent pandemic accelerates the development: “The COVID-19 pandemic is already steering the authorities and healthcare providers to start more proactively offering telehealth solutions to Japanese patients. However, the market for telehealth solutions is still in its infancy giving both challenges and opportunities.”

The service designing project will be carried out as a desktop research in addition to interviews through teleconferences with medical experts and collaborators.